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To speed up innovation & business growth, Academy Alliance offers diverse Support Programmes & Services to its Members & Partners and also takes part in substantial projects to support the SDGs.

Academy Alliance Financial Support

We enable European companies and organizations in research and innovation to become more competitive and empower them with access to finance and resources that will allow them to achieve their technology, management, and cultural objectives. Our media wing also provides holistic publicity and media support to ensure voices are heard and achievements are celebrated.


We enable our advocates and supporters to become more competitive and empower them with access to subsidy solutions and resources that will allow them to achieve their growth objectives.

Our Grants

We help our Advocates and Partners form teams and qualify for the EU Funding Programmes for their projects, provided they align with the policies of the European Union.

Academy Alliance Programs

Social Media Program

Our Advocates and Partners can get a free tech flash video for their organization for social media and other promotional purposes.

For Advocates

Digital Transformation Program

Our Advocates and Partners get our support in becoming digitally equipped to organize matchmaking and networking fairs and events on the Virtual Tech Centre.

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EU Tech Center Program

Our Advocates and Partners get access and credentials to their virtual booths on the Virtual Tech Centre to hold meetings, events, exhibitions and more under the EU Tech Center Program.

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Climate Action Partnership Program

Our Advocates and Partners can apply to get an official certificate that will accredit them as a climate-friendly organisation committed to working towards sustainable development through advancement of climate-friendly technology.

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Trade Fair Program

Our Advocates and Partners will have unlimited networking opportunities through access to our member database who utilise our services and platforms.

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Webinar Program

Our Advocates and Partners can participate and network through our webinar program. They can also suggest a topic for discussion or apply to become a speaker!

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Academy Alliance Member Database

Our Members and Partners are leaders in the field of research and innovation and supporters of our vision and mission of encouraging sustainable development. They participate in our events, initiatives, programs and contribute to our publications to create meaningful change towards the development of sustainable and responsible technology.


Join Academy Alliance’s quest and reach tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, academicians, public personalities, and more worldwide. Leverage our rich network to build your base and tap into unexplored sectors and exciting new opportunities.


Academy Alliance Position Papers & White Papers

Academy Alliance Position Papers and White Papers are carefully curated in collaboration with our Members to share innovation- and research-driven solutions and methods to solve some of the most challenging questions on how we can improve our lives.

Latest NEws

Stay on top of the latest news and updates on our activities and programs. Discover more about what happens here at the Alliance!

1 September – EU Tech Chamber Academy Commission – Topic: How to achieve Entrepreneurial Success in today’s World

The business landscape is constantly evolving as competitors innovate and forces outside of our control never stop changing. The Pandemic has significantly changed the way of doing business. In order to achieve entrepreneurial success in today’s world, what kind of strategy we…

4 August – EU Tech Chamber Academy Commission – Topic: Future of Business: The Keys to Win the Battle

As Executives struggle to make sense of the post-COVID business environment, many find themselves leading from this gray area of indecision. In the race for competitive advantage, it is imperative that organizations react in real-time—that is now—to navigate this new environment…

7 July – EU Tech Chamber Academy Commission – Topic: 10 Key Recommendations for A Successful Reskilled Progress

The speed of technological development is making significant changes in jobs worldwide. Some jobs are lost or will be lost and many others are newly emerged. The COVID-19 Pandemic is serving as the catalyst for most of us to actually…


Visions For Europe

Stay up-to-date on the current topics and events across industries and discover opportunities and a wealth of information.


The Vision for Europe is our quarterly magazine that helps us expand on our commitment to a sustainable future through technology. The magazines carries interview, articles, reports from around the world and keeps you updated with latest news and upcoming activities.